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Monthly Calendars

by Lori - August 28th, 2014

Monthly calendars for September and October are available under the “calendar” tab of this website.

T.N.T. Classroom Challenge

by Lori - August 27th, 2014

Attention All Hickory Hills Parents!

Your students have been issued a challenge from the HHPTA.

Who: K– 5th grade classes

Challenge: Acquire 100% Classroom Participation in PTA.  Each student will obtain a minimum of ONE PTA membership (parents, grandparents, neighbors, even a business).  NOTE: limited scholarships are available to help pay for PTA membership dues.  If a scholarship is required for your participation, please note on the membership form and the PTA officers will contact you, confidentially.

Why: Our PTA is a team that works together to provide YOU, the students, and your teachers COOL THINGS throughout the year.  The more team members we have working together, the better we can be at helping you!

Deadline: Oct. 31st

Classes that meet the challenge and secure 100% PTA membership will get to come to a MINECRAFT BLOCK PARTY.  At the party, we will create MINECRAFT masks, watch a MINECRAFT Video, and build a MINECRAFT bulletin board to show the world that YOU ARE DYNAMITE!

This year’s National PTA theme is “Today Not Tomorrow” which we love because it reminds us that working toward our goals NOW rather than putting them off until later is T.N.T. (dynamite)!

Print the Membership Form_2014-2015, complete, and return with cash or check made out to “HHPTA” and you’ve already reached your student’s goal!

With a Sincere THANK YOU from Your HHPTA Officers!

Spartan Up!

by Lori - August 26th, 2014
SPARTAN SPRINT planning is currently underway!
We need YOUR support to make it a Fun, Safe, and Totally Stellar event.
We are looking for the following items, and hope that through our AMAZING Hickory Hills parents & friends, we will find them with ease.
  1. Sponsorships (Due Sept. 1st for logos to print on shirts & signs)-contact scottandem@me.com
  2. Registrations www.runsignup.com/Race/MO/Springfield/SPARTANSPRINT (The earlier the better so we can accurately plan for food/drinks/etc…)
  3. Donations of Bottled Water, Bottled Sports Drinks, Fruit, Snacks- contact laurenjsawyer@gmail.com or kristin-rohrer@sbcglobal.net
  4. Safety Vests for Volunteers directing traffic
  5. Walkie-Talkies
  6. Golf Carts (2 would be awesome)
  7. Volunteer DJ or a fun, family-friendly band to perform
  8.  Clown(s) to make Balloon Swords & Spartan Helmets
Contact Committee Chair: maggiekrogh@yahoo.com
Thank you for your generous support. We look forward to seeing how you Spartan Up!

Volunteering at Hickory Hills

by Lori - August 25th, 2014
If you want to help with field trips or volunteer at Hickory Hills, you must complete a volunteer registration form online with Springfield Public Schools.  Please do so as soon as possible if you would like to volunteer during the school year.  Click here:
On the left hand side it will say Volunteer form 2014-2015 , click and follow instructions.  You will receive an email confirmation after applying.  Applications need to be submitted each year.


by Lori - August 25th, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, is Elementary School Picture Day.

Kindergarten Play Date Tonight

by Lori - August 25th, 2014

Tonight’s Play Date for Kindergarteners and their families is from 6:00-7:00 pm. PTA is providing water and snacks. We are aware of the high temperatures and will be able to move indoors to the small gymnasium if conditions warrant it. Please come as you are able.

Friday Folder Check

by Lori - August 22nd, 2014
In this week’s Friday folders, PTA placed a flier thanking shirt sponsors. Please take notice of those businesses who helped us with this effort.On the back of that flier is an announcement for Board openings for 2014. Since the flier was printed, our Homeroom Parent Coordinator, Spirit Night Coordinator, and Spring Fling Chair/Co-Chair positions have been filled. Yea! We still need a Reflections Chair. Reflections is a national PTA Arts in Education program. This person can attend training in early September to learn how to promote this worthy program at HH.

Kindergarten parents received a flyer last weekend promoting Monday evening’s Play Date. This annual event is sponsored by PTA and provides an opportunity for parents and children to meet and get to know each other. Refreshments will be provided from 6-7 pm on the HH Playground. Kindergarten teachers, parents, students and kindergarten siblings are invited to attend.

Have a great weekend. Stay cool and safe in these hot temps.

Minutes – August 2014 PTA Meeting

by Lori - August 21st, 2014

Hickory Hills Elementary Board and Membership Meeting/ August 18, 2014

In Attendance: Andrea Baldwin, Michelle Benzen, Nicole Bonnarens, Abby Biggers, Alexis Brown, Lori Chisholm, Dana DeBlanc, Sarah Dorrel, Michele Douglas, Carissa Estes, Tonya Fisher, Brandy Hickman, Abby Kleiboeker, Maggie Krogh, Jana Lewis, Alan Lockhart, Angel Matthews, Kim Mayer, Kayla Nel, Cung Ngun, Sarah Odom, Jami Quick, Barb Ray, Beki Rhein, Kristen Rohrer, Emily Russell, Dino Savvenas, Lauren Sawyer, Jody Schaad, Amanda Squires, Sara Swaim, Fom Thuang, Laura Twenter, Susan Twenter, Hillary West.

Lori Chisholm, PTA President, called the meeting to order at 6:37 PM.

Lori welcomed everyone in attendance and introduced the other members of the 2014-15 Executive Committee:  Maggie Krogh (Vice President,) Michele Douglas  (Treasurer) and Emily Russell (Secretary). 

The May 2014 minutes were approved as written.

Mrs. Odom, Principal’s Report:

  • iPads – Each classroom has 4 iPads (64 total) with cases.  Teachers are busy downloading apps to prepare them for classroom use.
  • Copy Machine in Library Resource Room – This new copier is available for parent volunteer use during teacher lunchtime or when other machines are busy.
  • Birthday Celebrations – As part of the SPS updates to nutrition and wellness, children are no longer allowed to bring birthday treats to the classroom.  Instead of birthday treats, the school along with PTA is providing a drawstring bag, which includes a color-changing “mood” cup (provided by PTA) to each child on their birthday.  Mrs. Odom also does a birthday celebration in the little gym in the morning before school to recognize children on their birthdays.  She announces their birthdays, everyone sings happy birthday, and they are given the drawstring goody bag.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – the school is saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day this year as opposed to once a week.
  • Fundraising Nights – we are no longer allowed to market directly to students (i.e. teachers wearing Domino’s pizza night t-shirts to school, putting Domino’s pizza night stickers on children to wear home) for fundraising nights.  We may only market directly to parents.
  • Lunchroom Aide – The lunchroom is in need of an aide.  Pay is about $8.30/hour with a 2 hour commitment.  See Mrs. Odom if interested.
  • Car Line – The car line seems to be making progress after the procedure changes were introduced to parents.
  • Construction – The building addition budget is $1.1 million.  Bids came in between $1.65/$1.66 million.  Several changes have been made to plans to decrease cost. Hoping to go to bid this fall with construction starting in January and then move students into the new addition next year.  Changes to plans include:

    -Shrunk footprint and removed the middle of the building collaborative space.

    -Changed the exterior of the structure from a hardened structure (stronger material for storms) to a pre-cast exterior.

 Lori Chisholm, President’s Report:

  • Lori, and on behalf of Sarah Langston (immediate past President), thanked Tonya Fisher, Russ Winterberg and Christine Slayden for a successful Field Day last May.  Tonya and Russ will lead Field Day 2015.
  • PTA provided spelling dictionaries for 1st and 2nd grade and student planners for 4th and 5th grade this year.
  • PTA officers met in June and July to plan and organize for the school year.
  • PTA secured 14 business sponsors for the 2014-2015 “We are Spartans” t-shirts.  Each business paid $200 to have their logo placed on the back.  These sponsorships provided a free shirt for every student, teacher, staff and PTA committee chair.
  • The 2014-2015 proposed budget was discussed and drafted in the summer officer meetings.
  • Teachers and staff were given their shirts on August 7.  PTA and PTSA provided a breakfast to teachers and staff at their back to school meeting with Mrs. Odom.  Thank you to the new hospitality chairs, Tamara Scully and Amanda Squires for feeding our teachers/staff.
  • PTA purchased 400 “mood” tumblers with the new logo for student birthday celebrations.
  • Officers met twice with the Spartan Sprint Committee to help with their event.
  • Thanks to a business donor, PTA provided 500 color Friday folder inserts.
  • Students were given their “We are Spartans” shirts at Meet the Teacher along with the new PTA brochure.  Thanks to Michele Douglas, Maggie Krogh, Emily Russell and Sarah Langston who helped prepare over 500 shirts for distribution.
  • PTA Survey – A PTA survey is in the works to be ready in the 1st quarter.
  • Major Fundraisers – Major Fundraiser goal amounts are:
    • Spartan Sprint – $3,000 minimum
    • Letter Campaign – $3,500 (if necessary, dependent on Spartan Sprint Results)
    • Spring Fling – $3,500
    • All three fundraisers total $10,000
  • Chair Positions are open:
    • Spirit Nights
    • Homeroom Parent Coordinator
    • Reflections
    • Cultural Arts
  • Spring Fling – 2 individuals needed
  • PAC Representatives this year are Barb Ray and Jody Schaad.  They will attend the Superintendent’s meeting four times a year, and will report back at the PTA meetings.
  • Lori Chisholm and/or Maggie Krogh will be attending the SCPTA meetings and will report back at the PTA meetings.
  • Stay connected and involved with PTA.  Like and share our Facebook page.  Let Lori know of anything that needs to be posted.  Committee chairs should contact her about reporting at meetings.

Michele Douglas, PTA Treasurer: Michele reported that the ending balance for 2013-2014 was $17,212.48.  May and June activity not reported at the May meeting include a Box Top check and Spirit Night checks received, Scrip funds that were received for gift cards sold, and Spring Fling had a few deposits in May and also expenses in June.  Spring Fling income was $9,109.24 with $6,000 going towards the iPad project.  Expenses for May and June included a few teacher acquisitions, Field Day expenses, field trips, and hospitality for teacher appreciation week.  Planners and dictionaries for 2014-2015 were purchased at the end of the year.  Final yearbook payments were also made.  Teacher Appreciation money was not paid at the end of 2013-2014. The process changed so that these funds will be paid at the beginning of each school year.  In 2014-2015, teachers will be paid the funds for 2013-2014 and also 2014-2015.  2013-2014 will come from the reserve fund.  In addition to $9,841.61 in expense on the budget, PTA spent $10,000 from the reserve that went towards the iPad project.  

Michele presented the 2014-2015 proposed budget .The starting balance for 2014-2015 is $17,212.48.  Several income accounts raised more money than expected, but to be conservative, adjustments were not made to all.  On-going fundraising was increased to reflect the increase in income, but Spring Fling was decreased, as it will no longer be our major fundraiser.  Several expenses were over in 2013-2014 so the amounts have been increased accordingly for Chat and Chew, Field Day, Hospitality and Teacher Appreciation.  Several expenses were not used or minimally used in 2013-2014 so they have been removed or decreased in the proposed budget.  Acquisitions, All Pro Dads, Cultural Arts, Directory, and Teacher Appreciation Banquet (Shared with middle school) were reduced.  Miscellaneous gifts and Watch D.O.G.S were removed.  The amounts can be absorbed in other categories if needed.

Michele made a motion to approve the budget.  There was a second and the motion carried with discussion. 

Maggie Krogh, Membership: PTA Membership forms are available tonight if needed.

Maggie Krogh, Volunteer Opportunities and SPS Policy: Volunteer Opportunities are still available, and sign-up forms are on top of the library bookshelves.  The SPS Policy this year states that all parent volunteers need to complete a volunteer form online through hhpta.org or the SPS site so that a background check can be done. SPS pays up to $1,000 school system wide for background checks.  Each background check will be $17.50 once the money runs out.  You are encouraged to get it done quickly to meet the requirement and to avoid extra cost.  Every volunteer has to re-apply every year. 

Maggie Krogh, Fall Fundraiser (THE SPARTAN SPRINT): This event/fundraiser is replacing Fall Fun Night.  The Spartan Sprint will be a 5K/10K on October 18th at 9:00am.  Ridge Runner Sports will be facilitating the run.  Sign up on the Ridge Runner website or on runsignup.com.  Scholarships are available and will be provided privately and anonymously.  The run will begin at High Street Baptist Church on Eastgate and the loop will lap for the 10K.  Bounce houses, face painting and hopefully music will be provided.  Appropriate Spartan costume dress-up is encouraged.  There will be awards based on age/gender.  For the kids, awards will be per grade with a spread in the yearbook for the winners.  Sponsorships both monetary and in-kind are still needed.

Maggie Krogh, Homeroom Parent Report: Homeroom parent help is still needed. A meeting with homeroom parents will be scheduled soon to discuss the plans and procedures for the year.

Hillary West (Box Tops/Amazon Smile), Brandy Hickman (Scrip), Lisa Hyde  - Maggie Krogh on behalf of Lisa (Target RED Card), Lori Chisholm (Spirit Nights), Ongoing Fundraising:

  • Target RED debit /credit card – Shoppers receive a 5% discount for their total purchases and 1% of total purchases is donated back to the school.  You must specify Hickory Hills as the recipient school on your RED Card account.
  • Box Tops – Box Top collections will be in October and February with contests between the classes for the most Box Tops collected.  Sam’s has a special promotion – if three eligible items with Box Tops are purchased at one time then they will give 70 eBox Tops.  You may sign-up on BTFE.com to keep up with Box Top information/news.  Help with Box Top counting at collection time is needed.
  • Amazon Smile – This is a new fundraising program for our school this year.   Shoppers that shop through smile.amazon.com will be able to give ½ of a percent of their total purchases to HHPTA.  Amazon shoppers have to shop through smile.amazon.com, and do a one-time selection of PTA Missouri Congress Hickory Hills Elementary PTA as the charitable organization recipient on their account in order for the school to get the donation.
  • Scrip – A wide variety of businesses have Scrip gift cards available at face value and then the businesses donate a certain percentage of the purchase back to HHPTA.  Amounts donated per business vary.  The more popular gift cards are kept in stock with Brandy for immediate purchase.  The easiest way to purchase Scrip cards is to order online with shopwithscrip.com.  Orders placed online can be left in the office for pick-up or sent home in children’s backpacks.  There are also some Scrip cards available online that you can print instantly or use electronically.  Several parents with ties to local businesses make large gift cards purchases for their businesses through our Scrip program, which is our largest moneymaker for Scrip.
  • Spirit Nights – 9/30 Texas Roadhouse, 10/21 Culvers, 11/18 Chuck E Cheese, 1/27 Wendy’s

Emily Russell, Spartan Spirit Wear: We are ordering spirit wear earlier this year than past years so that students have a longer portion of the year to wear their items.  Samples are available so you can see what is available before ordering.  Order forms went home in Friday folders.  Orders will be taken until September 26th.  Items ordered should go home students in October.  Proceeds go to HHPTA.

Alan Lockhart, All Pro Dads: All Pro Dads is a program started by Tony Dungy as a way to get fatherly figures more involved in their kid’s lives.  All Pro Dads provides a breakfast for children and their fatherly figure (or mother or anyone else they would like to bring) to attend so they can spend time together having fun and discussing important topics.  Paperwork with information will be going home in Friday Folders.  Chick-Fil-A will provide one breakfast, and they will provide the remaining breakfasts at a discount.  Alan is working to find out if a Chick-Fil-A breakfast before school works in the new SPS Nutrition Guidelines.  Breakfasts begin at 7:00 am and will be held once a quarter.

Jana Lewis, Health and Safety: The Health Fair will be held on September 24th from 8-11:30 and she could use help if interested. 

Michele Douglas, Spirit Days: There will not be a spirit day every Friday this year since participation seems to be less when there are more days.  She is looking into doing some Fridays and some weeklong themes like a Glendale Spirit Week during their Homecoming week.  Kids are encouraged to wear their green “We are Spartans” shirts on Fridays when there is not a designated spirit day.   

Abby Biggers, Yearbook: Abby and Rick Adair will be working with Lifetouch on yearbook layout, and someone else handles the financial portion.  Yearbooks are typically available on the last Friday before school gets out (depending on how the calendar falls).  She is looking for volunteers to help with the yearbook and to take pictures at Spirit Nights and in the classrooms.  Some work can be done from home and not a big time commitment.  iPhone photos generally work if they are close up.  When taking pictures, please try to get 3 or more kids in a picture. 

Tonya Fisher on behalf of Lisa Ebisch, Charitable Giving:

  • The Clothing Drive will take place September 29th -October 10th.  The Clothing Drive is an opportunity for families to donate new or gently used coats, jeans, socks and underwear to the Springfield PTA Clothing Bank, which serves students who qualify for free or reduced lunches.
  • PTA Clothing Bank, located at Study Alternative Center, utilizes volunteers from the public schools to help sort and hang donated clothing.  Hickory Hills designated volunteer afternoons to choose from are: 9/11, 10/16, 11/20, 2/12, 3/26 and 4/30 from 2:30-5:00 PM.
  • Holiday Food Baskets are our way of helping 10 needy families during the holidays with food and hygiene items.  Volunteers help by sorting donated goods and delivering baskets to the homes. Collection Dates: Dec. 1st -12th.  Sort and Delivery Date: Dec. 16th 9 AM – Noon.

New Business:  Maggie Krogh – The Greenhouse is in need of weekly volunteers and a person to coordinate classroom visits.  A sign-up sheet is available.   

Lori Chisholm adjourned the meeting at 7:56 PM.

Emily Russell, PTA Secretary

Thank you Shirt Sponsors

by Lori - August 19th, 2014

Thank you to the following sponsors for underwriting the cost of this year’s “We are Spartans” 2014-2015 t-shirts. Every student, teacher, and staff person received a shirt due to the generosity of these community partners.















Box Tops and Sam’s Club Special Offer

by Lori - August 18th, 2014
Check out this current Box Tops special at Sam’s Club. This offer started in August and will continue all school-year.

Be True to Your School at Sam’s Club! You can earn 70 eBox Tops for your school when you purchase 3 participating Box Tops for Education items at Sam’s Club, then text or email your receipt to samsclub@btfereceipts.com or submit online atwww.BeTrueToYourSchool.com.

Visit http://www.betruetoyourschool.com/ for eligible products, submission requirements and offer details. You will receive 2 text replies. Msg & Data rates may apply. Must be 18+.