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Board and Membership Meeting Minutes–November

by Lori - November 11th, 2014


Hickory Hills Elementary Board and Membership Meeting–November 10, 2014

In Attendance: Lori Chisholm, Michele Douglas, Brandy Hickman, Abby Kleiboeker, Maggie Krogh, Amanda Langsford, Sarah Langston, Sarah Odom, Barb Ray, Emily Russell, Tia Ruth, Lauren Sawyer, Jody Schaad, Renee Thornton, Hillary West

Lori Chisholm, PTA President, called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM.

The October 2014 minutes were approved as written.

Mrs. Odom, Principal’s Report: Attendance data for Hickory Hills and the Glendale feeder schools shows that Hickory is second in attendance average for the year.  Hickory has had two recordable discipline incidents this year.  A Veteran’s Assembly was held Friday afternoon to recognize veterans on staff and veterans related to and/or friends of students.  Approximately 30 veterans attended.

Lori Chisholm, President’s Report:

  • Book Fair – $6284.36 in net sales generated $3456.40 in estimated profit.  Profit provided 25 dictionaries and 6 thesauruses to Mrs. Chance per her acquisition request. $2404.85 in profit was spent on books for 20 teachers plus our librarian.   All for Books coin/$1 donation drive brought in $215.04.  This money was used to provide $10 scholarships for each classroom and $30 for the ELL classroom.  The remaining money was used to purchase various reading level books that Mrs. Cardwell will distribute to teachers to use as giveaways.  She thanked all the volunteers.  4th grade students and some teachers wrote thank you notes to PTA for the books their classrooms received.  The BOGO book fair will be in May.
  • Hospitality chairs fed our teachers on the Monday night of Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • Share Awesome – National PTA is supporting the Share Awesome campaign.  Share Awesome celebrates students and families who use digital media and tools for the good of themselves, their families, friends and the whole world.   A contest is happening now through Nov. 30th to submit photos by using #shareawesome.  Snap a pick and tag it with #shareawesome on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a tablet or $2,500 scholarship.  On November 19th, Share Awesome will host a free webinar “Conversations parents need to have with their children” from 6-7 PM.  Register at http://bit.ly/1prBLea.
  • Cultural Arts Assembly – Jessica Hartman, Miss Missouri 2014, will speak on the subject “Building Character” at a second quarter assembly sponsored by PTA on Dec. 5th.
  • The next spirit night will be November 18th from 3-9 PM at Chuck E Cheese. When you arrive, notify the cashier that you are participating in Hickory Hill’s Fundraising Night.
  • SCPTA Report – HHPTA was recognized with the Oak Leaf certificate, which means our membership numbers increased by 10% from the previous year, at the state convention on October 18th.  We also earned 100% faculty award from 2013-2014. Hickory was one of four schools in Springfield to achieve this honor.   A flyer that includes information on a RIF Fundraiser at Barnes and Noble on December 7th and a cookie fundraiser is available.  SCPTA Town Hall meeting is December 3rd at McBride Elementary.  The Clothing Bank needs coats, jeans and pants in all sizes and especially boy clothes.
  • Sign-up is available for November’s Clothing Bank workday for Hickory Hills.
  • December Charitable Giving – PTA will provide holiday baskets to 10 families through Crosslines.  Homeroom parents need to get a wrapped large box to their classrooms before December 1st.  Each class will receive specific instructions from Lisa Ebisch on what items to bring.
  • Coming Up – December’s meeting will include refreshments as a celebration of the holidays/completing the first semester.  January will have a letter writing campaign to add to our Major Fundraising goal of $10K.  Spring Fling planning will start at the beginning of the year and volunteers are needed to help on the Spring Fling committee.

Michele Douglas, PTA Treasurer: October ending balance was $22,389.77.  Income for the month included a $500 donation to the Letter Campaign, $52.67 from Texas Roadhouse spirit night, and Scrip shows a negative $1,889.62 for an order that will be replaced with income this month.  The amount raised from Spartan Sprint at the end of October was $4824.75 with a few more expenses to pay this month.  Expenses for the month included a Book Fair deposit, Acquisitions – pencils for birthdays, Supplies – Checks, $1,469.11 for teacher gift certificates and $1,161 for a yearbook deposit.

Maggie Krogh, Spartan Sprint Report: The Spartan Sprint was a great success.  There were a few hiccups including incorrect timing results.  Extra dog tags were ordered to correct the issue, and a letter was sent home to the parents of affected students.  201 people participated with 8 scholarships provided.  Seven of the scholarships went to a group from Great Circle that provided help after the race in return for their scholarships.

Maggie Krogh, Membership Drive Report: Correction from last month – she reported 43 total business membership in September.  The correct number was 8 business memberships in September.  38 memberships with 1 business membership were added in October.  2 memberships were scholarships.  As of today, we have a total of 198 memberships with 14 business memberships.

Maggie Krogh, Holiday Party Reminder:  Holiday Parties are Dec. 18th at 1:30.  Homeroom parents need to contact volunteers to remind them of what they signed up for.

Jody Schaad and Barb Ray, Parent Advisory Council Report:  Mr. Jungmann requested feedback from the PAC on topics related to expected outcomes from children at school, what helps children achieve outcomes, what is not working at schools, what can be improved the student support area, and what can be done to improve technology. Feedback from these PAC meetings will be included in Mr. Jungmann’s report at the School Board meeting.

Hillary West, Box Tops Collection Results: 11,786 Box Tops were collected.  Winning classes include Zeh, DeGood, Gordon, Hite, Williams, and Byrd.  Every student in each winning class will get a Culver’s custard certificate. The next collection will be in February.  Remember to use Amazon Smile and designate Hickory Hills as the donation recipient for online shopping.

Brandy Hickman, Scrip: Help is needed with this program if interested.  Starting Tuesday, she will begin an every other week order.  Keep Scrip in mind for the holidays.  Businesses can place orders as well.

Sarah Langston, Directory Update: All student data is in the system – waiting on the secure login to be set-up.  A flyer will go home soon with login and password information for the online directory.

Lori Chisholm, on behalf of Lisa Hyde/Kim Mayer, Chat and Chew: Info will go home this week in Friday Folders about Chat and Chew.  Be sure to pay attention to deadlines.


  • Renee Thornton, Parents as Teachers: PAT is working to build back up after funding cuts in years past.  A plan for a pre-K meeting group is in the works – details to follow.
  • The March meeting will include a mini-musical from 1st and 2nd graders.
  • HHPTA will be hosting the SCPTA meeting on April 1st at Hickory Hills.

Lori Chisholm adjourned the meeting at 7:32 PM.

Emily Russell, PTA Secretary

Get your Scrip order in by Tuesday November 18

by Lori - November 10th, 2014
Brandy Hickman is ordering Scrip next Tuesday, November 18.  She will order every other week. Here is the website to get started shopping and earning money for Hickory Hills Elementary.  Just click on this website and register.  You can order online and send a check to school marked Scrip or sign up for PrestoPay and pay online. Your Scrip cards can be sent home with your child or left at the front office. It is easy.   For example, pay $25 for a Macy’s gift card and you get a $25 Macy’s gift card. You don’t spend any extra money. Many gift cards in various denominations are available.   This is a great way to shop for the Holidays and support our school simultaneously.
The code for Scrip is 8D852E8414128. This links your order with HH so the school can receive the rebate.

And The Winner Is . . .

by Lori - November 10th, 2014

At the beginning of the year, HHPTA issued a challenge to all the classes to achieve 100% membership for their class by October 31.  To those classes that made that goal, a Minecraft Party would be awarded.

We haven’t achieved 100% in any class yet.  However, PTA has decided to award the top class with this party.   We are happy to announce the class winner of the MINECRAFT BLOCK PARTY.

Congratulations to Mrs. DeGood’s 1st Grade Class.  We will be contacting them soon to find a good time in the schedule to have this party.

Stay tuned for another Membership Challenge over the next few weeks.  We still have work to do and members to gain.   There’s still time to join.  A membership form may be found under FORMS on this site.  Fill out the form and send in, along with your dues to the school office for processing.  $5 each individual/ $10 business.

We thank you for your support of HHPTA!

PTA Meeting On Monday

by Lori - November 7th, 2014

Monday, November 10

6:30-7:30 pm in the Library

Items on our Agenda:

  • #ShareAwesome
  • Book Fair Results
  • Spartan Sprint Results
  • Box Tops Collection Winners
  • Hear report from our principal


Spirit Day Friday

by Lori - November 6th, 2014

Reminder–Friday is Spartan Spirit Wear and Hat Day for $1.

#ShareAwesome Tips

by Lori - November 3rd, 2014

As part of National PTA’s Share Awesome campaign, here are some smart tips to share with your family when making social media decisions.

Safer, Smarter Decisions

  • Stick with age-appropriate sites or applications.
  • Learn how to control your privacy settings.
  • Make sure your usernames/screen names don’t give away too many personal details (name, age, address, city, etc.)
  • Know and follow the rules of sites and applications.
  • Never share passwords.
  • Never make plans to meet a stranger offline. Tell someone if a stranger makes that request.
  • Delete or block people who are not kind or cause you stress.
  • Put down the device when you are driving or walking.

Positive Actions

  • Use #ShareAwesome to spread positivity in your social networks. Use the hashtag to share an awesome digital decision, person or moment.
  • Be “friends” with or follow your family. You can look out for each other!
  • Explore digital worlds, applications and social networks together first so you can talk about safety in that environment, observe how others interact, and shadow good decision-making.
  • Think about your future and about the feelings of others before you post.
  • Flag inappropriate content.
  • Tell someone you trust if another person violates your safety or treats you poorly.
  • Unplug or power down your device and have awesome face-to-face social interactions.
  • Start a Connect for Respect club at your school to promote positive, supportive peer relationships online and offline and prevent all kinds of bullying.
  • Host a “One Good Thing Party,” a digital celebration of friends who share one good thing that has been done to make the Internet a better place OR the world a better place using the Internet.

(Information taken from http://shareawesomenow.org)

Tuesday is Election Day

by Lori - November 1st, 2014

In the last Presidential election only 45% of eligible voters actually voted. Mid-term elections typically see only a 25% turnout. Democracy works best when everyone takes part. Take the time to be the voice and vote on Tuesday, November 4.

Upcoming Elections–There are several amendments that will be put before the voters on the November ballot. These issues are being decided upon and votes make a difference. Those who show up and vote do affect the way we are governed. (Information credited to MOPTA’s November Legislative Report).

For an explanation of local, state, and national info, please read November’s Legislative Chair Report From MOPTA.

Congratulations HHPTA

by Lori - October 30th, 2014

Congratulations HHPTA on being recognized for the Oak Leaf Award and  Golden Apple (100% Faculty) Award for the 2013-2014 year at MOPTA Convention. HHPTA was one of 4 schools in Springfield who achieved 100% faculty participation. Let’s do it again this year! If you haven’t joined PTA this year, please do so. Individual memberships are $5 and Business memberships are $10.


Book Fair: Classroom Wish List

by Lori - October 29th, 2014

Book Fair News–Teachers have created “Wish Lists” for their classroom.  If you would like to purchase a book from your child to present to a teacher, please select a title or two, make the purchase, and our volunteers will provide a book plate for you to fill out and give to them.

Book Fair Shopping ONLINE!

by Lori - October 27th, 2014

If you would like to shop Book Fair online, you can visit http://onlinebookfairs.scholastic.com/default.aspx?f=3307129 connect you to the online site.  Online purchases also benefit our school.  Please share with out of town friends and family.  All purchases will be shipped to the school FREE and delivered to your child’s classroom.  Easy and convenient!!