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Winter Letter Campaign Update- Week 1

by Lori - January 23rd, 2015

We are at 34% of our Campaign Letter Goal.  That’s a good start.  Please consider donating what you can to help support our teachers and students through PTA.  Some of the things we have been able to do this year because of your generosity:

  • A new rug for a classroom teacher and other acquisitions made by our teachers
  • Scholarships for students to participate in Chat and Chew and the Spartan Sprint
  • “We are Spartan” mood cups given to each student on or around their birthday
  • Funding our Fall and Winter Assembly speakers
  • Supplies for our School Nurse
  • Planners for the 4th and 5th graders and spelling dictionaries for the 1st and 2nd graders
  • Classroom monies for all homeroom teachers and special arts teachers
  • Teacher luncheons and other gifts of appreciation
  • A Reading Is Fundamental donation to our Springfield Chapter to help provide free books for every 1st and 2nd grader in SPS
  • A new microwave for the cafeteria
  • An LED lighting system for our green house

All donations count, whether it is $5, $50, $500, or even more.  We would like to see every family at HH give something toward this campaign.  100% given goes directly toward helping our students and staff. 

Please use this Winter Fund Campaign FORM when making your donation.  You may mail your donation to the school, send it through your child’s teacher, or deliver it to the school office.  Please make checks payable to HHPTA.  Write Winter Letter Campaign on the memo portion.  Our deadline is February 28.  ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

PTA appreciates your support of our school.

by Lori - January 22nd, 2015



This is a friendly reminder that we could really use your help in capturing photos of the classroom holiday parties and other school activities.  If you have photos from other elementary events like Spirit Nights send them our way.   A regular camera is preferred over a cell phone camera.  Pictures of the staff are great too.  Once you have the photos taken, uploading to the community Lifetouch page for Hickory Hills is easy.

  • Simply use this link: community.lifetouch.com .
  • The site will quickly walk you through the steps.  When prompted enter the Community Image Upload Site Access Code: CTBXZM
  • A folder is created in the Community Upload Site for each teacher.  Please open the teacher’s folder and load your photos there.

You may use this same code to load other pictures you take while at school and for the Valentine’s Day party.   Please upload photos as the year progresses. For example – upload the holiday party photos right after the party so you know they are backed up and available for layout.

Thank you for your time, contributions and dedication to making this yearbook great for the students and staff of Hickory Hills. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Abby Biggers


Eat at Wendy’s on E. Sunshine to Support HHPTA

by Lori - January 20th, 2015






Spirit Nights Flier_Wendys2015 (pdf)


Support HHPTA by eating at Wendy’s at 3334 E. Sunshine TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, anytime from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (dine in or drive through).  A donation will be made to HHPTA.

IMPORTANT:  Present this Wendy’s voucher when ORDERING.  Valid at date, time, and location specified.  Dine-in, carry out (taken inside dining room at the counter, and drive through orders qualify).  No phone orders please.    Please share this voucher with family and friends and help support our school.


A Letter to all Hickory Hills Elementary Families

by Lori - January 14th, 2015

January 15, 2015

Dear Hickory Hills Parents,

Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family & friends.  As we enter 2015 and send our children back to school, Hickory Hills PTA continues to work diligently through its various committees to plan events and organize programs to enrich our students’ learning and well-being.

PTA’s Major Fundraiser Committee is asking for your financial support by participating in the second of three fundraising efforts—our Winter Letter Campaign.   Our overall fundraising goal for the year is $10,000 to support the work of our students and teachers.

In years past PTA has helped with many needs that have arisen for our school—from a variety of equipment and supplies for the classroom, teacher workroom, and cafeteria, to a $16,000 donation in 2014 to help provide 64 iPads throughout the 16 elementary homerooms.  Last month, PTA voted to give $1000 to purchase an LED lighting system for our Greenhouse to nurture plants during the winter.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that our letter campaign is underway.  Please consider making a donation of any amount to Hickory Hills PTA.  All donations count, whether it is $5, $50, $500, or even more.  100% given goes directly to helping our students and staff.  Not one dollar goes to a fundraiser company!

For your convenience, you will find a Winter Fund Drive Form here.  Please fill out the form when sending in your donation.  You may mail your donation to the school, send it through your child’s teacher, or deliver it to the main office.  Checks are made payable to HHPTA.  Write Winter Letter Campaign on the memo portion of your check Please show your support before our February 28th deadline.  ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Consider supporting HHPTA with a donation.  There is so much our PTA does to help when needs arise.  We appreciate your involvement and investment into the lives of our children.


The PTA Executive Team

Lori Chisholm, Maggie Krogh, Michele Douglas and Emily Russell

Board and Membership Minutes — January

by Lori - January 13th, 2015

Hickory Hills Elementary Board and Membership Meeting—January 12, 2015

In Attendance: Lori Chisholm, Dana DeBlanc, Sarah Dorrel, Michele Douglas, Lisa Ebisch, Lori Enyart, Lisa Hyde, Abby Kleiboeker, Maggie Krogh, Amanda Langsford, Sarah Langston, Sarah Odom, Barb Ray, Beki Rhein, Kristin Rohrer, Emily Russell, Tia Ruth, Jody Schaad, Anna Shcherbyna, Sara Swaim, Hillary West

Lori Chisholm, PTA President, called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM.

The December 2014 minutes were approved as written.

Mrs. Odom, Principal’s Report:

  • Hickory remains second to Sequiota in attendance.  Eight discipline incidents have been recorded this year so far.
  • Teacher of the year nomination forms are available on the SPS website, and Lori will also add the form to the PTA website.
  • Construction began the week before holiday break.  They have been working on compaction testing to make sure the ground doesn’t settle before the foundation goes in.  They are also working on the electrical.  We hope to be in the new addition by August.
  • There is now a buzzer system by the front door for visitors to use when entering the building.  The system is in use from 8:15 AM -2:30 PM.
  • Summer school will be offered this summer at Hickory, and only Hickory students will attend at our school.  Summer school will begin June 1 and will run for a month for 5 days a week from 8:50 AM -2:30 PM.  Bus service will be available for students that live more than 1 ½ miles out.  Breakfast and lunch will be served.  Project Based Learning (PBL) will be the curriculum format.

Lori Chisholm, President’s Report:

  • Greenhouse – PTA helped purchased LED lights for the Greenhouse with a $1,000 donation in December.  The lights are about to be installed.  Mr. Johnson was very appreciative of our generosity.
  • Nominating Committee – 3 individuals need to be nominated for the Nominating Committee in compliance with our bylaws so they can name individuals for officer vacancies for 2015-2016.  We need nominations for Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The Nominating Committee Chairperson’s job will be to bring before the membership the names as a motion at the March meeting to elect officers for next year.  The membership offered Sarah Langston, Tamara Scully and Lisa Ebisch as candidates.

Lori Chisholm received a motion to elect Sarah Langston, Tamara Scully and Lisa Ebisch to serve as the Nominating Committee.  There was a second and the motion carried.

  • Letter Campaign – The letters for the Letter Campaign will go home Thursday with students.  Our goal for the Letter Campaign is $3,500.  We are working with Mrs. Odom to determine where best to use our funds.
  • Spirit Nights – Spirit Day/Night for Wendy’s will be January 27th anytime from 10 AM – 10 PM (inside or drive through).  You will need the voucher to get credit.  There is an extra to share with friends/family. Culver’s Spirit Night will be February 24th from 5-8pm. PTA is falling behind on these spirit nights and we need parent and teacher support.
  • SCPTA Founder’s Day – The banquet will be March 5th at KHS.  This year’s HHPTA volunteer of the year that will be recognized at the banquet is Lisa Ebisch.
  • PTA Closet – This closet is now located in the hallway leading out to the playground while construction is underway.

Michele Douglas, Treasurer’s Report:  Ending balance for December was $21,098.27.  Income for December: Scrip – $3094.08 (lots of gift cards sold) and Spirit Night at Chuck E. Cheese – $36.54.  We still need to raise $605 in Spirit Nights.  Expenses for December: Acquisitions – $135, Chat and Chew Income – $548.59 – still need to pay Barnes and Noble invoice, Holiday Baskets – $490, Teacher Gifts/Holiday Lunch – $151.17 – $94.44 is to be reimbursed by a meal sponsor, Teacher Appreciation – $61.83 and Greenhouse – $1000 for greenhouse lights.

Maggie Krogh, Valentine Party Info: Parties will be Thursday, February 12th at 1:30.  Homeroom parents need to contact party volunteers to remind them about the party.  It is a wear pink and red spirit day.

Lisa Hyde, Chat and Chew: 5th grade only has 3 kids signed up.  All other grades have good participation.  4th grade could use more parent volunteers.  5th grade has no parent volunteers and could use some.  Let Lisa know if interested in volunteering.

Hillary West, Box Tops: The next collection will be February 10th.  Box Tops will be due from homeroom parents by February 17th.  The top 3 classes will be awarded.  A check was received from the last collection for $1,197.

Lori Enyart, RIF: Books will be picked up on February 10th for the next distribution.   She would like to get them distributed to kids before Spring Break.

Sara Swaim, Spring Fling: Spring Fling is April 10th.  She needs lots of volunteers to do small tasks. Please let her know if interested in helping.


Emily Russell – Mr. Johnson in the Greenhouse is in need of volunteers on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 AM -11 AM.

Lisa Ebisch – She has received a suggestion on the Holiday Food Basket drive to limit the boxes to 2 per family.  Some houses to do not have the space for more than 2 boxes, and it can be cumbersome for the volunteers to deliver more than 2 large, heavy boxes per family.   Excess food donations could potentially be picked-up by a food pantry.

Lori Chisholm adjourned the meeting at 7:13 PM.

Emily Russell

PTA Secretary

Volunteer of the Year

by Lori - January 12th, 2015








Lori Chisholm, PTA president, presents Lisa Ebisch with the 2014-2015 Volunteer of the Year Award.



Congratulations to Lisa Ebisch for being chosen as our Volunteer of the Year of PTA volunteers for the 2014-2015 school year.  Her accomplishments will be honored and celebrated at the annual SCPTA Founder’s Day Banquet at Kickapoo High School on March 5.

A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL our wonderful volunteers!  You all make our PTA such a wonderful success.

PTA Meeting 1/12/15

by Lori - January 12th, 2015







Jan 2015 Agenda

Meeting tonight–6:30 in the Library. We will be electing a committee.  We’ll need a quorum of 12 in order to vote/elect. Please come as you are able.

K-PREP Play Group

by Lori - January 9th, 2015

Will your child go Kindergarten at HHE in August?  If so, please join Parents as Teachers and Community Partnership for K-PREP, a monthly play group just for 2015-2016 incoming Kindergarteners at HHE.   Fun parent-child activities will be done to help build important school-readiness skills. K-PREP will take place in the HHE Library.  Please park in the back and use the back entrance.


Renee Thornton, Parents as Teachers for HHE and HHPTA Member


Green House Meeting

by Lori - January 5th, 2015









Volunteers are needed in the greenhouse starting in January.  Mr. Johnson will host an informational meeting on Wednesday, January 7 at 9:30 in the greenhouse.  Please come if interested.  Volunteer shifts are typically one day a week from 8-11 am with flexibility.

Goodbye 2014….Hello 2015.

by Lori - December 30th, 2014
Thanks for a great 2014, HHPTA leaders, members, and friends. We have lots to be grateful for at HHE!

Looking back, we’ve accomplished a lot of good things together through the PTA that I’d like to share.

PTA had a successful membership campaign, which brought new families, teachers, and leaders to our organization. I have enjoyed meeting several parents who are new to HH.

PTA organized its first ever 5K/10K event, The Spartan Sprint, in October, which brought in about half of our fundraising goal for the year. It was a fun day and everyone seemed to enjoy the day outside.

I have seen an increased attendance in our monthly meetings, with new chairpersons leading our committees. It’s encouraging to see more participation among our families. We need more of that!!

Our annual events–Fall Book Fair, the Fall Clothing Drive, and Holiday Baskets–were once again successful due to our leaders, volunteers, and participants. Thank you!

In December, PTA helped our Green House with a donation of $1000 to aid in the purchase of LED lights which will help the plants during the winter months. I hope to share some pictures of the addition on Facebook soon.

There is more to do in 2015–Chat and Chew, Spring Fling, another Book Fair, and a Winter Letter Campaign. I hope you’ll consider your part as more information comes to you in the coming weeks.

We will also be focusing on electing new officers for the 2015-2016 year. We will be forming a Nominating Committee in January to help with the task of having the new board in place by our March meeting.

Enjoy the rest of winter break.  See you soon, and here’s to a great 2015!

Lori Chisholm, PTA President